• Clinical Licensed Therapist (MD license #12224.)

I worked as a licensed therapist (LCSW-C) in a cancer center, in the Emergency Department doing psychiatric assessments, and in private practice. The last 8 years, I have been doing short term telephonic Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counseling as well as crisis intervention with the USPS, Federal Government and many other companies across the United States.  I also provide counseling for national disaster hotlines.

  •  Certified Martha Beck Life Coach.Certified-sm

Dr. Martha Beck is known as best selling author and is a columnist in Oprah’s O: The Oprah Magazine.

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Life coach. Mother. Therapist. Limiting belief buster. Truth seeker. Speaker. Voracious reader. Clean eating, green juicing junkie. Mindfulness. Teacher. Holistic. Advocate. Change agent. Yogi. Vegetarian. Raw foodie. Wine. Journaling. Traveler. Energy healing. Runner. Vision boards. Zen Dealer. Sunshine seeker. Stillness. Explorer. Joy chaser. Shopper. Bucket list maker. Meditator. Writer.


MY PASSION is working with women who feel unsettled & anxious yet crave peace, and who are willing to go on a truth seeking mission to find it. During the process, we discuss setting boundaries and blasting through limiting beliefs to find freedom from toxic people, careers and obligations. I teach how to live large and fearless. I like to help women learn to put themselves as high priority, engage in their own RADICAL SELF CARE and to live from their core.

MY PRACTICE is for clients seeking a shift. It is for those who want to find and connect with their own power. I work with clients who are ready to make changes, even if they do not know what they are yet. MY PURPOSE is to help women RECLAIM THEMSELVES; to find what they are meant to do and who they’re meant to be. I focus on releasing beliefs & patterns that no longer serve them.

MANY clients find me when going through periods of reinvention, transition or when they are CRAVING AN AUTHENTIC LIFEI work with women who want to break through THE MYTH of PERFECTION and also those who are striving to find their voice. I believe the therapeutic process is more about losing what is no longer needed to find your purpose and be who you are meant to be; in essence, stepping into your true nature is what brings FREEDOM AND PEACE.