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Heather saved my life. When I found Heather, I was suffocating under decades of patterned behavior — both externally- and self-imposed — that my needs were less important than those of others. I was dying inside but didn’t know how to save myself. I had been a terrible role model for my intelligent and talented daughters, failing them by doubting myself and deferring to others.

Heather helped me turn everything around. She helped me see my capabilities as far more powerful than my deficiencies. She taught me that dreaming is both possible and necessary. She dared me to live my potential. She got me to stop running away from myself and instead to embrace everything I am as a gift to be nurtured.

Thanks to Heather, I have started a Stanford University fellowship, a new and fulfilling job, and a self-care discipline that is making me healthier (and slimmer!). I am becoming the strong mother my daughters deserve. I am showing them how to dream — at all stages of life — and how to make dreams come true through persistence and concrete action. I am showing them what it looks like to be independent minded and independent living. They are looking forward now to strong women heading their household and their country!!!! Thank you, Heather for making it possible.

– Sydney H.

I carry Heather’s words with me every day. Her nuggets of wisdom and the way in which she delivered them resonated so strongly with me. So many times I find myself thinking, “Stay in your own lane” or “Stop should-ing yourself” when I’m overthinking something or trying to fix things. It’s as if Heather is there helping me even though I don’t see her every week. She really did offer so many positive strategies for living and loving. Her empathy was so evident. When I was grieving so strongly she helped me to see so much about myself. She is wonderful to follow on social media, too, because she posts thought-provoking and empowering statements, and they are like extensions of sessions. I treasure our time spent together like I would with a dear friend.


Heather is an awesome coach and counselor to be on this adventure with. Her compassion and insight has guided me to look at life differently. She has given me the tools to go from a place that seems hopeless and dark to one that is full of many possibilities and that I look forward to discovering. Being 51 and feeling that life was over; Heather has opened my eyes to see that my future is up to me. I just need to show up and learn to be kind and gentle to myself. I am excited to see where this journey takes me!

– Sharlene McAllister

Life coaching with Heather has been life changing for me. Heather has the insight to quickly get to the heart of the matter. She empowered me to recognize the strength within myself to be able to make progress in several areas in which I was struggling. In working with Heather, I developed multiple skills to be able to apply in everyday life to take care of myself and therefore my family and others in a more positive, loving and lasting way. Heather is compassionate, vested in improving the well being of her clients (and the human race in general) funny, knowledgeable and grounded. If you are looking to add joy to your life and improve your overall well being, life coaching with Heather will help you do just that!

– Stacey Hartman

As a mother of three, I do not often have time allotted for myself . When I do have an opportunity, it is imperative I spend it in the wisely. Recently, I was able to attend both of Heather Michelle Tydings’s workshops. I am a blessed mother of a son age 5 and boy girl twins age 2, so to say my life is busy is a vast understatement, but not too busy to see an opening for growth! When I learned of her workshop Self Coaching 101 in January, I thought ” what a fresh beginning to a new year,” and that it was! The workshop provided me with new knowledge of how to listen to my body, to be mindful of the things my heart tries to tell me, and to try to live as my most genuine self. When I left this workshop I felt like I had a completely different relationship with my mind and body. It was extremely rejuvenating! The second workshop I attended was a Vision Board workshop. It was an opportunity to be able to visualize where I could take myself. Dreams and goals of my own are very difficult to keep at the top of my list. However, I believe seeing my pictures and desires laid out in front of me everyday on my Vision Board will bring them reality. If you get a chance to work with Heather either 1:1 in a coaching session or see her present at a workshop, go and consider yourself changed!

– Beth Johnson

Heather’s enthusiasm and convictions, often grounded in her own life experience, are contagious. When I think of Heather, I think joy, her generous spirit, great compassion, pitch-perfect empathy, her commitment to physical health, her wisdom and her knowledge. Here is a caveat; you better really want what you are asking for because under Heather’s direction you are likely to get it. I started to make some small changes based on things we discussed. New opportunities and change came into my life like dominoes falling. Through Heather, I began to have a different sense of myself and I started making major life changes. I came to recognize that I was capable and strong. Heather has been inspirational in her belief that I can succeed and live fearlessly and joyously and always, always asking for what I want. Visions can become realities.

– Catherine Orme-Rogers

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